Technical Support

Technical Support Services

As TMS Medical Device, we carry out the maintenance, repair and spare parts supply activities with a professional approach with our expert personnel with the aim of keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level. In order to respond to customer demands as soon as possible and to reach a solution, we provide services to the institutions we have contracted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and supply spare parts after sales.

The maintenance and repairs of all brands and model devices are carried out by our technical service unit in products such as anesthesia equipment, bedside monitor, ventilator, vaporizer. Your devices are secured with periodic maintenance as a result of maintenance agreements.

If you need technical support for our products, you will be contacted as soon as possible if you reach 0530 993 61 51 phone or send an e-mail to Teknikservis@tms-medical.com.

TMS Medical Device has been serving in the medical device industry since 1997. Having entered the sector with technical service in 1997, the company has been carrying out medical device design, production, import and export activities since 1999.

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