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TMS Point anesthesia apparatus , magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been designed to work in harmony with environment. The device provides the user with the possibility of manual and automatic ventilator. The device N2O / O2 flow meter (O2 priority) , the CO2 absorber ( canister) system , a fully automatic air ventilation and gas delivery system features. Selektateck one cone type or types of these models are attaching opportunity vaporizer device .


Nuffield 200 models available with an optional device that can be achieved with automatic ventilation, the ventilator. Tidal volume can be adjusted in the range of 50-2000 mL . I: E ratio is 4: 1-1: continuously variable between the two . MRI is designed to be compatible in order to work as a pneumatic ventilator .


Supplied with the optional Nuffield over 200 ventilator (-20 ) - ( 100 ) cm H2O [( -2 ) - ( 10) kPa) ] is carried by air gauge measurement . Ventilator with inspiratory and expiratory control knobs located on both sides of the I: E ratio and flow control knob and positioned in front of the tidal volume of the device can be easily provided.


TMS Sigma Delta vaporizers do not require service. The device has an aluminum chassis weighs about 5 kg . The maximum volume of 250 mL, 35 mL is the minimum volume , maximum margin of error is ± 10 %. The flow rate is 0.2 to 15 l / min can be adjusted . Operating temperature range is between 15-35ºC . In the vaporizer to prevent the use of two gas simultaneously locking ( interlock ) is. Key Type Fast Type and includes 3 types of pool filling adapter in accordance with the user's request , including Type .

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TMS Medical Device has been serving in the medical device industry since 1997. Having entered the sector with technical service in 1997, the company has been carrying out medical device design, production, import and export activities since 1999.

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