We Hosted Gambia Minister of Health in Our Country

22.02.2020 - 40:00

Dr. AhmadouLaminSamateh met with our General Manager and OSTİM Medical Cluster Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Aydıngün, OSTİM Chairman of the Board of Directors Orhan Aydın, OSTİM Medical Industry Cluster Chairman Fatin Dağçınar and members of the board of directors.

Gambia Minister of Health ahmadoulaminsamateh, country hospitals reported that they expect support from Turkey for the construction of. Minister Samateh said, “We want our hospitals to be like your hospitals. We know that for this we need to connect with important people like you. We also need important engineers to work in hospitals there, and people to teach it. ” he said.

The Gambia's Ambassador to Ankara landingkinteh with guest ministers and bureaucrats from OSTIM Turkey's long been said that the Gambia is a very good friend, "the common purpose, we have a culture. We are open to cooperation with you in many areas. We came to OSTİM because of the high standards. Here, we know that people pay attention to details, they care about high quality and sustainability. ” used expressions.

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