Dubai Medical Meeting

18.03.2020 - 10:00

TMS MEDICAL DEVICES Vice President Hussein Aydıngün held at Dubai Trade Center in Turkey,

Attending the informative meeting of Dubai Trade Attaché, Trade Attachment Mr. With the presentation of Hasan Önal, he received information about the current developments related to the medical sector in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf countries and made the company presentation. While obtaining general information, important points regarding the market entry and business opportunities were also mentioned. In addition, a large hospital company group official Dr. Important information was received from Fatih Mehmet Gül. Then T.C. Dubai Consul General Mustafa İlker Kılıç; gave the closing speech of the seminar and transferred its suggestions to Turkish companies.

TMS Medical Device has been serving in the medical device industry since 1997. Having entered the sector with technical service in 1997, the company has been carrying out medical device design, production, import and export activities since 1999.

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