Product Information

TMS FX1 Hemodynamic patient monitors ; and world leader in ECG technology cardiotectm next Masimo SET® technology in its standard configuration comes with acutectm hypertension monitoring technology with high consistency. 12.1 inch color TFT with touch screen for ease of use . Monitor IPX1 level and has a water-proof. I kloktm definable alarm levels automatically through intelligent alarm management to reduce false alarms , offers self- set alarm time .

TMS Medical

Standard display, freezable display screen with large text size, trend display , including the data , the alarm can display the borders of the screen , oxycrg dynamic view screens , bed between display that can display , multi -lead ECG simultaneous display and ;

  • Hits: 12 lead ECG waveform or waveform channels 7
  • Scan speed: 6,25mm / s and 12.5 mm / s 25 mm / s, 50 mm / s
  • Indicator : Power indicator light, battery indicator light
  • Skin : Parameter interface cable , AC power input socket, network interface, an external VGA interface Alternative screen , SD Card and USB outputs
  • Trend time: 1-120 hours
  • Alarms : high and low thresholds are adjustable by the user audible and visual color-coded alert
  • Network to create : links to the Central monitoring systems
  • Recorder: Built-in thermal printer (optional) - Paper width 50 mm
  • Battery: Lithium -ion battery / rechargeable battery Plug & Play : 4000 The maximum 12 hour charge , to operate continuously for 4 hours

ECG , HR, Sp O2, RESP , NIBP, 2xtemp , 2xıbp , Arrhythmia , ST and pacemaker analysis - 120 hours of numerical and graphical trends of all parameters Optional parameters: AG ( CO2, O2 , N2O, Enflurane , Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, halothane , desflurane until ) the IOC (BIS) , the ICG , CO, Nellcor SpO2 , Writer ( 2 or 3 -channel)