Product Information

NUFFIELD 200 anesthesia ventilator models designed for pediatric and adult patients when loop pneumatic drive , an MRI-compatible anesthesia ventilator. It provides ease of use, compact design . It is suitable for repeated use. With Co- Axial ventilator circuit , Ayre 's Tea Circuit , Cycle System ( CO2 Absorber System ) can be used. Newton Valve newborn and premature infants ultra low tidal volumes can be achieved.

Inspiratory time by the user , by setting expiration time I : E ratio is determined and respiratory rate would be adjusted accordingly. Tidal volume and flow control valve at the front of the ventilator 50 settings - can be adjusted between 2000 ml .

User device with airline pressure gauge with built- in front panel patient airway pressure ( -20) -100 can be monitored in cmH2O range, inspired by timer button on the right and left side of the device and expiration time are monitored .