Product Information

AV800 advanced anesthesia ventilator models and multifunctional and easy to use with excellent design and high specification is designed for patients with respiratory mode. Oxygen gas or air as the driver has a choice . The device is placed on the front panel (-20) -100 cm H2O or ( -2-10 KPa) followed with precision manometer in the range of patient airway . Internal battery for 60 minutes during a power outage . It provides the ability to continue the ventilation . However, the ability to provide the correct volume with all breathing circuits, can be autoclaved , a latex and bellows unit and the IEEE data output for data integration.

Volume Controlled Ventilation ( VCV ) , Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV) and has developed spontaneous breathing mode.

User interface devices Tidal Volume : 50 ml - 1 600 ml; Respiratory rate : 4-60 BPM ; I: E ratio of 1 : 0.3-1 : 6; Pressure limit control : can be set in the range of 10-70 cm H2O . Additionally, the device with a button on the front panel can be taken 120 s silent alarms . 25% of user searches can be done to stop because of the inspiration .

Alarm Silence , Low Pressure Gas Drive , Continuous High- Pressure , High Airway Pressure , Low Air Pressure, Low Tidal Volume , Rate Setting invalid , Main Power Failure , Low Battery, ventilator Disabled.