Maxi 2200 AV-S

Product Information

TMS Maxi 2200 ( AV- S) it is designed to be your personal anesthesia assistant . Dual selectateck (Back- bar ) system, oxygen priority N2O / O2 / Air flow meter system (ORC - Oxygen Ratio Controller) , automatic N2Ocut-off system ( Antihipoks protection ) , audible - visible O2 alarm system, flush the system ( 25-75 l / min) 3 drawer unit, 1 l / 2 liters of CO2 absorber ( canister) system, flue gas exhaust system is fitted as standard.

AV- S anesthesia ventilator 8.4 " color , has a touch screen. Software -controlled, multi-modal a ventilator that . Ventilator , cycle time , volume / pressure is controlled and limited pressure . The ventilator has a fresh gas compliance compensation system and fixed at 25% of the inspiratory time , inspiratory pause has a user-selectable option . Ventilation parameters can be monitored numerically and numerically . The supplied volume-controlled ventilation ( VCV ) , pressure control ventilation ( PCV) , pressure support ventilation (PSV) , synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV ) ventilation synchronized mandatory minute ( SMMV ) and improved patient is presented to the user's service as assisted spontaneous mode standards.

On the monitoring screen tidal volume , airway pressure, minute volume , I / E ratio, the number of breath , peak airway pressure, plateau pressure and percentage of oxygen can be followed in numerical or numerically.

TMS Sigma Delta vaporizers do not require service. The device has an aluminum chassis weighs about 5 kg . The maximum volume of 250 mL, 35 mL is the minimum volume , maximum margin of error is ± 10 %. The flow rate is 0.2 to 15 l / min can be adjusted . Operating temperature range is between 15-35ºC . In the vaporizer to prevent the use of two gas simultaneously locking ( interlock ) is. Key Type Fast Type and includes 3 types of pool filling adapter in accordance with the user's request , including Type