Future FX

Product Information

TMS Future FX is designed to be your personal anesthesia assistant . Fresh gas flow meter on the device's electronic distribution system ( electronic mixer unit) . The device is tested and proven design with modern reliability for today's increasingly complex healthcare environment, your service offers a comprehensive first-class ventilation technology . Volume-controlled ventilation in Device ( VCV ) , pressure control ventilation ( PSV) , volume or synchronized in pressure mode intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV / VCV and SIMV / PCV) , pressure regulated volume controlled ventilation ( PRVC ) modes are standard . Heated canister system ( CO2 absorption system) with the patient circuit and the canister internal condensation is eliminated at the maximum level occurred in the system.

Device 12.1 " color touch screen has like . In the tidal volume control screen, airway pressure , I / E ratio, minute volume , breath count, peak and plateau pressure can be monitored . At the same time , all parameters can be adjusted via the touch screen .

The monitoring options are available in various configurations and options . Follow the standard parameters except the 8 types of gases (O2 , EtCO2 , N2O, ENF , ISO, DES, SEV, HAL) gas is available as an optional module that allows viewing .

TMS Sigma Delta vaporizers do not require service. The device has an aluminum chassis weighs about 5 kg . The maximum volume of 250 mL, 35 mL is the minimum volume , maximum margin of error is ± 10 %. The flow rate is 0.2 to 15 l / min can be adjusted . Operating temperature range is between 15-35ºC . In the vaporizer to prevent the use of two gas simultaneously locking ( interlock ) is. Key Type Fast Type and includes 3 types of pool filling adapter in accordance with the user's request , including Type .