Quality Policy

TMS Medical

  • Quality taking an indispensable basis , we operate medical devices aims to be the leader among domestic and foreign companies in the production ,

  • Encourage contributions to improve the quality level and create a service concept which is not content with the level of quality,

  • Product quality and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and for this purpose to use our resources in the most effective manner,

  • Being selective about staffing and the number of jobs would require the capacity of our company and to employ suitably qualified personnel trained in positions where they worked,

  • Proficient knowledge in the field of activity of our company our staff to train at a level that allows them to have their skills and experience and promote a teamwork,

  • By internal and external customers, demand for the services of determined according to the needs of quality, conditions and produce products according to the criteria , constantly evaluating the quality level of the quality level of suppliers to be purchased to the principle of working with high suppliers,

  • By cared to consider the environmental impact during the manufacturing of medical devices and contributes to leave a livable world for future generations.